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PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk was established on November 5, 1986 as a trading company on goods manufactured by its subsidiaries. The Company was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on January 17, 1994.

PT Mulia Industrindo Tbk initially had 2 subsidiaries, PT Muliaglass dan PT Muliakeramik Indahraya. In October 2017, the Company sold all of its shares in PT Muliakeramik Indahraya to PT Eka Gunatama Mandiri, an affiliated company. This corporate action was undertaken to support the Company’s plan to improve and increase its financial position as a public listed company. Post divestment, the Company only has one subsidiary, PT Muliaglass.

PT Muliaglass is a glass manufacturer with float glass, glass block, glass container, and automotive safety glass as the end products.

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PT Muliaglass

The Company was established in 1989 as a manufacturer of glass products, namely float glass, glass container, glass block, and automotive safety glass.

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Float Glass Division

The division produces plain and colored float glass (dark gray, dark blue, bronze, euro gray, light green, gray) and low-e glass with thickness of 2 - 15 millimeters.

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Glass Container & Glass Block Division

Since 1992, this division produces mugs, cups, as well as transparent and colored container glass used for packaging of food, beverages, and beer. This division also produces architectural glass block, which is a building material product for application on wall and floor.

Gambar icon Automotive Safety Glass Division

Automotive Safety Glass Division

The Automotive Safety Glass Division was established in October 1997 with an installed production capacity of 120,000 car sets per year.

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Darius Wijaya

Bussiness Owner

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