PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk.


PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk. was established on November 5, 1986 as a trading and manufacturing company. The Company was listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on January 17, 1994.

On October 23, 2017, PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk. divested all of its shares in PT Muliakeramik Indahraya to PT Eka Gunatama Mandiri. Post divestment, the Company has one subsidiary company, PT Muliaglass.

PT Muliaglass is a glass manufacturer with float glass, glass block, glass container, and automotive safety glass being the end products.


PT Muliaglass

The Company was established in 1989 as a manufacturer of glass products, namely float glass, glass container, glass block, and automotive safety glass.

All the Company’s activities from design to customer service are in compliance with the standards set forth in ISO 9001: 2008 or 2015, ISO 14001: 2015, and other certifications required for the manufacturing of each product. This is to ensure that the Company consistently produces excellent products and services to meet customers’ needs and expectations.


Float Glass Division

The division produces plain and colored float glass (dark gray, dark blue, bronze, euro gray, light green, gray) and low-e glass with thickness of 2 - 15 millimeters.

Float glass are sold to distributors and glass processors in the domestic and export markets, including some countries in Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa and America.

Sales of float glass currently stands at around 550,000 tons per year.


Glass Container & Glass Block Division

Since 1992, this division produces mugs, cups, as well as transparent and colored (brown and green) container glass used for packaging of food (jam), beverages (tea, water, soy sauce, energy drinks, soft drinks, etc.), and beer. Total production of glass container is about 140,000 tons per year.

Customers of glass container in the domestic market include PT Heinz ABC Indonesia, PT Sinar Sosro, PT Indofood, PT Lassalefood Indonesia (producer of Marjan syrup), PT Tirta Investama (Danone Aqua). This division also exports to Australia (Amcor Glass and Capi), the Philippines (RC Cola, Coca Cola Bottlers, Marigold), Thailand (Bangkok Glass Industry, Thailand Coca Cola Bottler), Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

This division also produces about 60,000 tons per year of architectural glass block, which is a building material product, for application on wall and floor. Domestic market is the prioritized market, with domestic sales accounts for about 70% of total sales.

This division collaborates with Nihon Yamamura Glass (NYG) to continuously keep up with technology.


Automotive Safety Glass Division

The Automotive Safety Glass Division was established in October 1997 with an installed production capacity of 150,000 pieces of automotive safety glass per year.

Each step of the production process is operated and controlled by qualified and experienced technicians, employing computerized equipments to improve the accuracy of end products.

To ensure that the products provide maximum safety to the users, the Company operates a stringent production process under ISO: 9001, ISO 14001, safety glazing for vehicles standards are set forth in: E/ECE/324 E/ECE/TRANS/505 Rule Number 43 (Economic Commission for Europe), ANSI/SAE Z26.1/1996 (American National Standard Institute), JIS R 3211 (Japan Industrial Standard), JASO M501 (Japan Automotive Standard Organization), and AS/NZS 2080 (Australia/New Zealand Standard).