PT Mulia Industrindo, Tbk.

Established on November 5, 1986 and has been listed at the Jakarta Stock Exchange on January 17, 1994. The Company has two operating subsidiaries, namely PT Muliaglass and PT Muliakeramik Indahraya.
PT Muliaglass produces float glass, glass containers, glass blocks, and safety glass. Glass blocks, glass containers, and safety glass products are also marketed overseas. Glass containers products are predominantly sold in the domestic and overseas market, catering to the consumer goods and pharmaceutical industries.
PT Muliakeramik Indahraya produces both floor and wall ceramics tile. With our economies of scale, we are one of the most efficient domestic tile players. While aiming to maintain our favorable position in the domestic and overseas market, we continue to look for more opportunities and new market overseas.
Muliaglass’s Float Glass Division was established in 1989 with the capacity of 612,500 tons annually. We produce float glass in the shade of clear, dark grey, dark blue, bronze, euro grey, light green, grey, and low-e glass with a thickness range from 2 - 12 millimeters.
Muliaglass's float glass products are well accepted by world buyers. We have satisfied customers in markets such as Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Middle East.
For float glass we will focus in increasing sales in the domestic market, while at the same time, expanding export market, particular in the Asia region.
Keeping in line with our commitment to quality, we have succeeded to obtain ISO 9002 in November 1996 and ISO 19002: 1994 in November 1999 (both these ISO versions have been replaced to the latest one that is ISO 9001: 2008)
Muliaglass’s Glass Container Division established in 1992,  has become the leading manufacturer in Indonesia for glass container and architectural glass block.

The manufacturing consist of two main products, glass container (including bottles, jars, and mugs) and architectural glass block. Muliaglass container Division can produce up to 185,000 tons per year of glass container and 78,000 tons per year of glass block.

Muliaglass’s Glass container Division (MGC) produces flint (transparent clear) glass packaging for food and beverage products, and beer mugs. Amber and green glass is also produced for beer, energy drinks, and pharmaceuticals.

Given the nature of the bussiness, our products are predominantly sold in the domestic market and we are proud to be the major suppliers to the well-known domestic food and beverage producers including PT Heinz-ABC Indonesia, PT Sinar Sosro (bottle tea producer), PT Indofood, PT Lassalefood Indonesia (Marjan syrup), PT Tirta Investama (Aqua-Danone).

Despite our strong position in the domestic market, we are also expanding our capabilities to the export markets including Australia (Amcor Glass and CAPI), Philippines (RC Cola, Coca Cola Bottlers, Marigold), Thailand (Bangkok Glass Industry, Thainamthip/Coca Cola Bottler), Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and New Zealand.

In order to coop technological developments, MGC cooperates with NYG (Nihon Yamamura Glass), and to assured quality control of products based on QMS - ISO 9001 : 2008 and EMS - ISO 14001 : 2004, certified by SGS, this means to control all activities and functions that affect quality in all steps of operation design, production, and service.
Muliaglass’s Glass container Division has been manufacturing glass block products since 1994. Our success is driven by our passion and eagerness to provide wide variety of products including multiple choices of patterns, styles, colors, and sizes.
This variety combined with the high quality of the product has made Muliaglass’s Glass container the largest glass block manufacturer in South East Asia.
Given the continuous high demand, we successfully increase our production capacity to 58,500 tons per annum by the end of March 2015.
In the following some of awards that we have been received
-  Accordance with EN 1051-1, certified by MPA NRW
-  Accordance with EN 1051-1, certified by Intertek
-  Accordance with DIN 18 175, certified by MPA NRW
-  Fire Rating Certification for 45 minutes and 60 minutes, certified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
-  Light Transmission Test, certified by Hurricane Engineering & Testing Inc.
-  Uniform Static Air Pressure Test, certified by Hurricane Engineering & Testing Inc.
Muliaglass’s Safety Glass Division was established on Oct 1997 with the capacity of 150,000 cars set annually.
Through the advance computerize technologies, world’s best machineries with the support of highly qualified with experienced management; the division has succeeded to achieved a good reputation with the major famous car manufactures as their OEM supplier.
Every single stage of manufacturing process is supported by highly qualified and experienced technicians, in tandem with fully computerized system to eliminate human errors. In striving to ensure customer satisfaction, we implement the most stringent quality control throughout all stages of manufacturing processes.
Our products are produced according to the standard of E/ECE/324 E/ECE/TRANS/505 Regulation No. 43 (Economic Commission for European), ANSI/SAE Z.26. 1-1996 (American National Standard Institute), JIS R 3211 (Japanese Standard Association), JASO M 501 (Japanese Automotive Standard Organization) and AS/NZS 2080 (Australia/New Zealand Standard) are exported to all over the world.
PT Muliakeramik Indahraya (MKIR) was established in 1990 in Cikarang, an industrial city in the outskirt of Jakarta, and has eminently expanded into the world’s largest tile manufacturer in one location.
PT Muliakeramik Indahraya has successfully emerged in our brand expansion to include Mulia, Accura, Maxima, Prisma, Legend, Crystal, Magna, Ceramica Europa, and Signature. With various designs, colors, types, and sizes, we have provided aesthetically superior and sophisticated lifestyle to our customers worldwide.
We rapidly gained market share and earned its place as the leading player in tile industry. Our strong foothold in Indonesian markets is reflected in over 40 distributors presence in major cities covering all provinces. Furthermore, we have successfully exported our wide range of products to over 50 countries. While aiming to maintain our favorable position nationwide, we continue to look for more opportunities and new market overseas.
We are operating in an industrial complex of 200 hectares. Moreover, to serve the growing North American market, Mulia Inc. was established in the early 90’s. It is one of the leading wholesalers of ceramic tile in the US represented by carefully selected independent distributors, experienced sales representatives, and backed up by strategically located warehousing facilities to ensure optimal area coverage.